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Hi I am Michael

Named after our family Spirit Guide I began Hummingbird Wing, along with my partner Tracey, in 2018 as our means to heal and spread light in a way which resonated with our own life paths. Coming from an impoverished childhood we believe that healing and personal growth should never be restricted by your financial status.

I have always been a spiritual person at heart but I truly stepped onto my spiritual path in 2016 after the birth of my daughter and the end of my 13 year marriage… Spiritual awakenings often trigger or are triggered by big upheavals in our lives.

I originally sought out spiritual answers through organised religions however after my awakening I was introduced to Tarot, to Shamanism and to Reiki. It was these modalities and concepts that really blew my mind and finally led me to my true path as a healer by helping me to really understand who I am as a person and how I fit into this universe and the multiverse!

I was always drawn to healing. As a child I would help my Pop in the garden. I remember he would grow tomatoes and was so proud of his garden. My Pop died when I was three but he is my first memory and he, along with my Nanny, have been with me in every step of my life. That seed of nurturing energy my Pop would give to his plants and to me has grown within me and continues to grow. I believe that it is something that will grow constantly within myself becoming more diverse and beautiful as I age… I also believe that this seed of nurturing energy is within each of us.

My path of healing initially led me to become a qualified Diagnostic Radiographer (I’m the guy who takes your X-Ray), this is still something I practice and have been employed by the NHS since 2002, although it is only on a part time basis now as my focus is on helping people through Holistic means.

I have also worked in the Private Medical Industry customising Aortic grafts to treat life threatening Aortic Aneurysms. I worked in this field for six years and had many achievements, led my own team, created many of the protocols for the analysis of CT Scans… but there was a void within me that no amount of professional acclaim could fill. Yes, I was helping people to heal but it was disconnected, it was devoid of the nurturing energy that I needed in my life.

It was at this point the Universe led me to my partner and twin flame Tracey and answered my silent, unknown prayers and guided me towards Tarot, Shamanism and Reiki. I found that I could use the medical knowledge I’d spent half a life time accumulating and combine it with the energy healing therapies I was learning! It felt like a proper eureka moment! This is where my life had been heading all along and it felt so right.

I’ve expanded my scope of learning and continue to do so each day. With effort, tears, anger and laughter I have healed my wounds and discovered my true self and fell in love with that person.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect. At times I can get tripped up by a hidden trauma surfacing or by the dips in the universal energy but through my own lessons I have found balance in so many different ways that I couldn’t have imagined before 2016 and these therapies and tools are priceless in lifting me out of those dark moments and releasing that energy. As hard as these moments can be a part of me also enjoys them as I know they are periods of growth and evolution.

I can’t wait to see what other lessons the universe has in store for me and which wonderful people will share my path for a time who I can help to find their place within the multiverse.